Dr. Pamela Norris Pamela Norris, Ph.D.

Executive Associate Dean for Research
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Frederick Tracy Morse Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Lab Director


Ph.D. Students

Steven Easter Steven Easter
Ph.D. MAE, expected 2017
larkin_sm Leigh Ann Larkin (8/12-present)
Ph.D. EP, expected 2017
rouzbeh  Rouzbeh Rastgarkafshgarkolaei
Ph.D. MAE, expected 2018
Jong Ho Sonn Jong Ho Sonn
Ph.D. MAE, expected 2018


Research Scientists

Donald Jordan, Senior Scientist (9/04-2014)
Bouvard Hosticka, Senior Scientist (3/98-2014)
John Conroy, Research Scientist (6/97-1/00), Ph.D. Bioengineering
Anthony Lee, Post-Doctoral Fellow (9/95-8/96), Ph.D. Physics
Mary Power, Research Scientist (7/98-5/04), Ph.D. Biology
Eric Black, Visiting Research Scientist (2/98-2/03), Ph.D. Chemistry
Chuck Daitch, Visiting Research Assistant Prof. (1/97-1/03), Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Jennifer Gallaher, Visiting Research Scientist (9/98-9/02), BS Chemistry
Eric VanGieson, Visiting Research Scientist (7/02-7/04), Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. Students

MacKenzie Sinden-Redding (8/10-2014), Ph.D. EP

Justin Smoyer (8/07-2013) Ph.D. MAE

Christopher Saltonstall (9/09-2014), Ph.D. MAE

Nam Le (8/10-2014), Ph.D. MAE

Matthew Bauer (6/08-2013), Ph.D. MAE

Christopher Baker , Ph.D. MAE e2014

Christina Pappas (6/08-2014), Ph.D. MAE
M.S. MAE: “Experimental Investigation of Airfoil Thermosyphons”

Christopher Baker (2010-2014), Ph.D. MAE

Christina Haden (6/07-12/12) Ph.D. MAE, “A Bio-inspired Excitable Cardiac Cell Membrane from Electroactive Polymers: Ion Transport Studies.”

John Duda (6/07-5/12) Ph.D. MAE, “The Role of Chemical Ordering on Phonon Transport in Substitutional Solid Solutions.” Recipient of an NSF Fellowship and the UVa Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Sciences & Engineering.  Currently a postdoctoral research fellow at UVa.

Michael Klopf (8/99-8/2005), Ph.D. Engineering Physics, “Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics Measured by the Transient Change in the Reflectance of InP and GaAs Films.” Currently a Research Scientist at the Jefferson National Laboratory.

Jim McLeskey (9/98-1/03), Ph.D. MAE, “Development of the Femtosecond Energy Diffusion Sensor for Use in the Manufacture of Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells.” Currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. Recipient of the ASME Solar Energy Division Graduate Student Award, 2001.

Supriya Jaiswal (9/01-8/04), Ph.D. Engineering Physics, “The Quest for a Nanoscale Silicon Laser.”

Patrick Hopkins (9/04-5/08), Ph.D. MAE, “Scattering Processes Affecting Thermal Boundary Conductance at Solid-solid Interfaces in Nanomaterial Systems.” Recipient of an NSF Fellowship, the UVa Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Sciences & Engineering, and a Truman Fellowship. Currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UVa.

John Hostetler (1/97-1/01), (M.S. MAE, Jan. 1997), Ph.D. MAE, “Simultaneous Thermophysical and Mechanical Property Measurements of Thin Films.” Currently Director of Research and Development at Trumpf Scientific. Awarded the Allan Talbott Gwathmey Memorial Award for excellence in research in 1999.

Sushil Shrinivasan (9/01-8/06), Ph.D. MAE, “Integration of a Rapid DNA Quantitation Technique and Solid Phase Extraction on a Microfluidic Device.”  Currently a Technology Specialist at Fish & Richardson P.C.

Andrew Smith (1/96-5/01), Ph.D. MAE, “Electron-Phonon Nonequilibrium During Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Heating of Metals.” Recipient of a National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship.  Currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the US Naval Academy.

Robert Stevens (9/01-8/05), Ph.D. MAE, “Thermal Transport at Room Temperature Solid-Solid Interfaces.”  Currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Masters Students:

Casey Bauer (8/08-5/11), M.S. MAE, “Fabrication of Thin Film Silica Aerogel for Embedded Thermal Isolation in MEMS Devices”

Timothy English (7/10-5/11), M.S., MAE, “Methods For Enhancing and Tuning Phonon Transport at Solid-Solid.” Recipient of both an NSF Fellowship and an NDSEG Graduate Fellowship.

David Bostain (6/95-5/97), M.S. MAE, “Investigation of Aerogels as Aerosol Collection Media”

Martin Bunzendahl (9/96-8/98), M.S. MAE, “Development of a Low-Dielectric Constant Thin Film Composite Material”

Andrew Caffrey (6/00-5/02), M.S. MAE, “Investigation of the Transient ThermoReflectance Technique for Measuring Thermophysical Properties in Thin Metallic Films”

Scott Davis (9/97-1/00), M.S. MAE, “Experimental Investigation of Acoustic Velocity through Silica Aerogel”

Paul De Cecchis (01/09 – 05/10), M.S. MAE, “Investigation of the Effect of Fill Volume on Heat Transfer from Air-Cooled Low Aspect Ratio Thermosyphons.”

Eric Dridge (7/06-12/07), M.S. MAE, “Transient Thermal Response of a Heat Pipe Sandwich Structure to Short Duration Heat Flux”

Brian Earp (8/99-8/01), M.S. MAE, “Design of an Aerogel Bacteria Sampler for Potential Use on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”

Michael Fish (6/08-8/10) M.S. MAE, “Application of the 3-omega Method for the Determination of Aerogel Thin Film Thermal Conductivity”

Matthew Guise (6/98-8/00), M.S. MAE, “An Experimental Investigation of Granular Silica Aerogel Microsphere Air Samplers”

Todd Harrell (7/01-8/03), (co-advised with Robert Hull, MSE) M.S. MSE, “Selective Deposition of Biocompatible Sol-Gel Materials”

John Hostetler (1/95-1/97), M.S. MAE, “Simultaneous Thermophysical and Mechanical Property Measurements of Thin Film”

Charles Lattimer, (7/99-5/01), M.S. MAE, “Design of a Uniaxial Compression Testing Machine for the Study of Silica Aerogel”

Jason Martin (6/99-5/01), M.S. MAE, “Thermal Properties of Silica Aerogel Evaluated Using Third-Order Elastic Constants”

Matthew Miner (9/00-8/02), M.S. MAE, “The Effects of Relative Humidity on the Surface Chemistry and Mechanical Properties of Silica Aerogel”

Jason Phinney (9/00-8/02), M.S. MAE, “The Design and Testing of a Sol-Gel Based DNA Hybridization Array”

Taryn Price (9/01-1/04), M.S. MAE, “Efficiency of Glass Bead Bed Filters For The Collection Of Airborne Microorganisms”

Thomas Randolph (6/06-8/08), M.S. MAE, Thermosyphon Technology for Heat Management in High-Bypass Jet Engines Aboard Next Generation Boeing 737 Aircraft

Erich Rayment (6/98-8/00), M.S. MAE, “Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Thin Silica Xerogel Films Using the 3Technique”

Richard Salaway (9/03-12/08), M.S. MAE, “Thermal Boundary Conductance and the Phonon-Phonon Contribution at Metal-Metal Interfaces”

Jessica Sheehan (6/06-12/07), M.E. MAE. Recipient of an NSF Fellowship.

Jennifer Simmons (9/05-5/08), M.S. MAE, “Temperature Dependence of the Electron-Phonon Coupling Factor”

Derek Stewart (6/96-8/98), M.S. Engineering Physics, “Surface and Size Effects on the Thermal Conductivity of Microscale Metal Structures”

Gary Valkavitch (9/03-8/05), M.S. MAE, “Heat Transfer Coefficients and Fluid Flow Losses of Cellular Sandwich Structures”


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